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The best way to heat commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural buildings as well as schools, hospitals, and multi-residential facilities is with building integrated solar air collector systems. This site is dedicated to explaining the various types of solar air heating systems and to assist buyers in selecting the most appropriate solar air technology for their buildings.  Solar air heating systems are used in dozens of countries around the world, and are the most widely used solar thermal technology in Canada  because of high energy production (typical solar efficiencies up to 80%) and low capital costs.

We’re just getting started, in the mean time check out the Solar Air Heating Options section for some quick analysis on whats available in the solar air heating market. This page will feature regular updates and special (unique) featured content, stay tuned!

According to US Energy Information Administration data heating energy use takes up 2/3rd of all energy use in residential commercial and industrial buildings!
According to US Energy Information Administration data; heating energy use takes up 2/3rd of all energy use in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings – more proof that solar air heating is needed.


  • Conserval Engineering Inc. solar air heaters for the commercial and industrial buildings, inventor of the SolarWall transpired solar collector, pioneer in the solar air heating industry
  • SAHWIA.org Solar Air Heating World Industries Association: The international trade association to promote the use of solar air heating. Policy info on how to craft renewable heating support programs to achieve GHG reduction targets or other environmental goals.
  • The CA Group Ltd. (UK) Solar air heating system manufacturer and supplier. One of the premier metal roofing and cladding systems manufacturers, contractors and suppliers for the industrial, commercial, public sector markets.
  • YourSolarHome For residential solar air heating applications

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