Solar Air Heating Reports

Here are links to studies and reports on solar heating (specifically solar air heating, or solar air heaters and solar collectors). After you have a firm grasp on the various technologies and options available, take a look at our Solar Air Heating Options Compared, and Recommendations section for critical analysis these reports miss/do not state explicitly. Technical Reports

U.S. Department of Energy (website)

Natural Resources Canada (NRcan website)

The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA website)

Government of Manitoba (website)

Reed Construction Data (website)

RenewableEnergyWorld (website)

  • The Biggest CO2 Bang for the Buck [article] – A landmark study on the true cost to taxpayers of the most common “green” initiatives was released earlier this year from the preeminent C.D. Howe Institute in Canada.

Department Of The Air Force Air University – Air Force Institute Of Technology

Conserval Engineering (website)

  • Solar Air Heating – Transpired solar collector overview [Flash Presentation] – Watch the flash slideshow and learn about solar air heating and how the award winning transpired solar collector technology can be used on new and existing buildings to substantially reduce heating costs and vastly shrink CO2 emissions.

United States Department of Agriculture (website)

  • USDA – Solar Energy Use in U.S. Agriculture Overview and Public Policy Issues [PDF] – Source: USDA, Office of the Chief Economist, Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, April 2011
    Authors: Irene M. Xiarchos; is a Natural Resource Economist and Policy Analyst at the Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, Office of the Chief Economist of the USDA,  Brian Vick; is the Lead Scientist of the Renewable Energy group at the Conservation and Production Research Lab of the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA


  • Conserval Engineering Inc. solar air heaters for the commercial and industrial buildings, inventor of the SolarWall transpired solar collector, pioneer in the solar air heating industry
  • Solar Air Heating World Industries Association: The international trade association to promote the use of solar air heating. Policy info on how to craft renewable heating support programs to achieve GHG reduction targets or other environmental goals.
  • The CA Group Ltd. (UK) Solar air heating system manufacturer and supplier. One of the premier metal roofing and cladding systems manufacturers, contractors and suppliers for the industrial, commercial, public sector markets.
  • YourSolarHome For residential solar air heating applications

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